Brunei: The Abode of Peace – Snippet

Finally, I managed to set foot onto this small and peaceful country. Brunei Darussalam, or Brunei the Abode of Peace. It is a small country situated on the island of Borneo, cut into two by the Sarawak district of Limbang. It is very peaceful nation and life seems to be on a slower pace here. With my visit to Brunei, officially I have visited 8 ASEAN countries. Alhamdulillah. As I update my other travelogues as well as articles in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014, enjoy this collage entitled ‘Life in Brunei’.

Akhirnya, berjaya aku menjejakkan kaki ke negara yang kecil dan aman ni. Brunei Darussalam, sebuah negara kecil terletak di pulau Borneo. Brunei terbahagi dua kerana dipotong oleh daerah Limbang yang terletak dalam negeri Sarawak. Negara Brunei sangat aman dan tenang. Rakyatnya tak tergesa-gesa. Dengan lawatan ke Brunei ni, alhamdulillah 8 negara ASEAN berjaya aku jejaki. Sementara aku update travelog lain dan siapkan artikel bersempena Tahun Melawat Malaysia 2014, layan dulu kolaj aku yang diberi tajuk ‘Kehidupan di Brunei’.

Life in Brunei

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  1. Khai, kenapa lawa sangat gambar2 Brunei nie. Can’t wait to read the rest of the Brunei entry. Is it enough to cover Brunei for 3D2N? Cepat continue!

    • Haha.
      Sebab gamba kecik sebab tu nampak mcm lawa kott. haha.

      It is enough but kalau nak cover sampai Ulu Temburong, may require more than that la. Hehe.

      But BSB and surroundings, cukup lah 3D2N tu ;D

  2. We visited Brunei in 2009, during a trip to Borneo, and you are certainly right about a slower pace of life! Sometimes it was so slow, it was downright boring. ;) Stunning mosques though!

  3. Tho, one of the richest nation, Brunei, the folks are humble and polite. Was there in 09. Lovely pics Khai.

    • Thanks Kak Engku!

      Yes, they are very humble and polite. I noticed that they love to smile and it wasn’t a fake one, just because I am a foreigner. Hehe

  4. rencananya besok Mei mau semalam stay di Brunei, ditunggu postingan lengkap tentang brunei nya bang

  5. Bila nak update pasal Brunei? Nak pergi Brunei next weekend.. XD Btw, ada plan nak pergi Myanmar tak?

    • Haha. Nak update tapi tak sure bila ni.. haha. kerja banyak sekarang T.T

      Wahhh nak pergi dah? Bestnyaaaa.. heheh

      Myanmar ada plan tapi takde fix tarikh lagi. But dah book Philippines Cebu utk next year. hehe

      • Limited time in Brunei…Friday-Sunday.. Harap berkesempatan lihat semua and jumpa apa yang di cari :)

        Wahhh.. Nak ke Cebu mesti pergi Oslob!! In my list too! But since dah spent time kat Manila and Palawan for Philippines trip last year, saya keep dulu Cebu. Hehe… Nak completekan Southeast Asia. Lepas Brunei, Myanmar will be the last SEA country I need to visit. But recently punya conflicts kat Mandalay nampaknya macam kena postponed je Myanmar trip saya on October ni… Sedih.

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