Kuih Raya – Popia Reben :)

Nak iklan sikit. Kalau sape2 yg nak beli popia kecik2 ikat reben, nak buat kuih untuk hari raya nanti ke, mak saya ada jual. Inti dia buat guna udang kering dengan udang geragau. Harga standard:

350 gm – RM 10

500 gm – RM 15

1 kg – RM 30

Kalau nak order atau untuk sebarang pertanyaan lanjut, boleh terus call mak saya – [Ani – 0192227156]. ‘Ibu pejabat’ kat Shah Alam. :)

Versi 350 gm. Sedap! :D Tak tipu punya... ;)

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  1. a shame that my language level is not that good…I didnt get i:what is in the bag? I ignore it but it looks yummy!

    • Hi Peg215!

      Yes, it is yummy! :) It’s a food actually, we call it Popia Reben [Ribbon Spring Roll] because it looks like a ribbon. hehe
      My mom prepares it for the Hari Raya [the day of celebration after Ramadhan].
      Basically it uses the spring roll dough filled with blended dried shrimp and fried. ;)

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